GENERAL MONTHLY MEETING – May – “What is a Flower Show?”

Event Details

Please arrive early for refreshments and so that the meeting may start promptly at 10am.
This is a perfect opportunity to introduce people to the Club – please bring a guest.

What is a Flower Show?

“Design, Horticulture, Photography, Education.
How to enter, what to look for in your plants, judging, rules and all your questions answered”.
By Leading Flower Show Experts TBA

Sarasota Garden Club General Members Meeting May 3 2023
Greetings Members!  Message from Programs Committee
We have made the decision to change the date of the May General Members Meeting to Wednesday, May 3rd, same time and place as usual, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  Light refreshments will be served beginning at 9:30 AM, so please arrive early to enjoy the lovely spread from our Hospitality Committee.
We will have our Program===“What is a Flower Show?” presented by several members and past members of Sarasota Garden Club who will take us through what hosting and entering a sanctioned flower show by a garden club is all about.  AND—this will take us to the announcement that YES—Sarasota Garden Club will be having a FLOWER SHOW in October of 2023 and it will be on a Saturday for all of our Sarasota/Bradenton community to enjoy!  Plans are in the works and announcements will be made when available.
For me personally, I always wanted to know more about the workings of our flower shows, hence the May Program.  It is great fun to design, photograph, present your favorite plant or even a cutting of something in your yard (which I did last time a show was held) to much success!  There is also an opportunity for an education presentation class. It has been such fun helping set up our shows and participating in the past.  We hope this piques all of our members interest.
We look forward to welcoming you on this new date—but please continue to hold that May 17th date on your calendar—as a flower show planning meeting will be held at that time, coordinated by our flower show chair, Dianne Beaver.  So exciting!
We will have a plant swap at this month’s meeting and not be having a raffle.  Anyone wishing to bring a plant to donate/exchange with fellow members, please bring to the Club on the meeting day.  I’m bringing some tender ferns that won’t survive the summer without my care.
Questions or comments always welcome!  We are planning another season of meetings starting in September, but also will be hosting some field trips and outings this summer for those still in Sarasota.  Stay tuned!
Carol Lackey
Programs Committee
Sarasota Garden Club
M: 215-518-8479