Our Mission

Preserving our gardens and historic landmarks while promoting the environment, conservation and civic beautification through education and programs.


  • To maintain and use the Garden Center and Botanical Gardens as a teaching tool and showcase.
  • To support the aims of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., Deep South Region of NGC, Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc, and District VIII of FFGC.
  • To encourage and develop, among gardening amateurs, knowledge and specialized skill in the art and practice of gardening, horticulture, and the floral arts.
  • To encourage the education of the community in the study of ecology, horticulture, conservation, and floral arts.
  • To cooperate with others in the beautification our community.

Organized: May 6, 1927
Federated: November 13, 1933
Incorporated: April 22, 1955

Affiliated with:
National Garden Clubs, Inc.
Deep South Region of NGC, Inc.
Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.
District VIII of FFGC, Inc.

Club Colors: Green & Yellow
Club Flower: Compositae Family – Daisy
Club Tree: Tabeuia Caraib – Tree of Gold
Club Butterfly: Colias Philodice – Sulphur Yellow

To be eligible for membership, one must have an interest in the objectives of the Sarasota Garden Club and must demonstrate a willingness to work on committees, support projects, attend meetings, and take an active part in general garden club work.

Applications for membership shall require completion of an Application Form and payment of the annual dues of $95.00.

Contact email   SGC office: Office@SarasotaGardenClub.org